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kevin.garden is my personal file gallery, currently fixated on my photos.

kevin.garden is a mirror of the underlying directory that hosts it. html pages
are created by a script (cultivate.js) that visits every file and parses their
file coordinates within the finder directory using data found in macOS's
.DS_Store file. here, .DS_Store is a file that is finally esteemed.

view—and feel free to fork—the source code at github.com/inchkev/garden.
the repository paratactically hosts my personal kevin.garden, viewable
here, with the files and code that host and generate it. the .gardenignore
denylist prevents files such as .gitignore and node_modules/ from
being shown.

kevin.garden lays almost everything bare: src/ contains the source code,
and views/ the .ejs templates that define the .htmls.

by kevin chen.

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( -.-)
       – Chia

changelog.md (364B)

  • 4/12/24: add text-size-adjust (and webkit equiv)
  • 4/8/24: for markdown files,
    • display file size
    • add md class to divs, add margins to inner tags
  • 10/17/23: added gray border around items
  • 10/9/23: added max recursion depth argument, defaults to 3
  • 10/6/23: you can node cultivate.js DIR now!
    • just be very careful what directory you specify...

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garden-ideas.txt (1.27kB)

kevin.garden ...

is a site sown from files, directories, and .DS_Store.

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todo.md (297B)

  • improve vertical centering it's good enough
  • add markdown/rich text support
  • fix div ordering
  • make cultivate take in an arg to an arbitrary directory
  • add a dry run flag
  • warn if too many index.htmls potentially generated
  • release garden to the world
    • kevin.garden party

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